The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) have updated the voluntary code on relationships with U.S. healthcare professionals effective January 2009.

Zuchelli & Johnson Healthcare Advertising is well versed in the new regulations and offers an easy transition from practice pertinent tools to more educational and patient focused programs.

We have developed several programs that meet the new regulations designed specifically for use by sales reps during physician visits. They include:

  • - jumps over the layman-focused clutter on the internet to find only credible medical information for physicians
  • Citation Bibliography - an interactive quarterly updated CD/ROM listing fully categorized peer-reviewed articles referencing the brand drug. The database lists citations for articles that appeared in selected medical publications. The physician can then find the actual article in their own library or on the internet.
  • Faces-In ™ Calendar - A genuine practice-pertinent wall, desk or pocket calendar that profiles famous contributors to the chosen field of practice. Can be produced as an annual or quarterly calendar.
  • Patient Consultation / Education Guide Book - A hand-held binder that the physician will use to detail the drug to the patient. Included are flash card drug facts, a dosing card, tear-off FAQ for distribution to the patient and complete Prescribing Information and safety information.

Zuchelli & Johnson Healthcare Advertising is focused solely on healthcare advertising. We understand your communication needs. We would like to discuss how you can utilize these programs to best meet your office-based awareness needs.

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