At Zuchelli and Johnson Healthcare Advertising we are a solely dedicated healthcare advertising agency and have developed expertise in a wide variety of health related services.

Campaign development
Whether you need a whole new campaign or just need to tweak the look of an existing campaign.

Ad development
Everything does not need to be a campaign. Often a brand just needs to solve a specific problem or get specific news out to the market.

Re-energize current branding message with new tactics

Your look and message are established and working hard for you, but you need to expand your market to reach further. By taking the look and feel of your existing ad campaign, Zuchelli & Johnson Healthcare Advertising can translate them into direct mail, sales support materials, or a myriad of other uniquely Z&J sales tools...all at a budget saving cost.
Media planning
We give each media plan personal attention without regard to the size of your media budget.

POA planning
There is no better way to have a successful POA than to have a well executed plan to impact and motivate your sales force.

Sales support communications
Your sales force needs effective tools and programs to help them increase market share.

Solving the generic equation
There are several ways to prepare your brand or your generic for new competition. We have worked on both sides of this challenge and are uniquely qualified to advise and guide you through.

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